About me

I think there is a sort of bond between all the events in our lives and our story is the mix of these events. I would like to tell you something more about me and how my story took me to follow the hobby of realistic miniatures.

The beginning

I was born in 1987 in a small town in the northern part of Italy.
My first contact with the miniatures world was when I was 7. For Christmas, my parents had decided to build for our church a large nativity scene. The scene included tens of small houses, bridges, a working water mill and a lot of lights and accessories. It has been a hard task that took my parents an entire year of working. In the end, the scene was so good and realistic that I fell in love with it. Is only after a lot of years that I’ve realized that my love for miniatures start with that experience.

The secondary school

During my second year at secondary school, I made my first diorama: it was an art project and again a nativity scene, this time revisited in a modern key. It’s turned out a strange building covered with sheets of cork with a sad little tree without leaves in the garden. Not as beautiful as the one my parents made but I think it was something to be proud of.

I’m growing up surrounded by music and art. My father is a musician, and he has always supported me and my sisters to follow our passions. My thirst try is with music: with a guitar on hands, I’ve self-learned the basic chords and begin to play my favorite songs. However, soon I’ve found that the guitar wasn’t the instrument I have a vocation for, so I put that apart and started studying singing. I studied for three years and joined two rock bands before finally chosen to leave behind all the music stuff, and looking for some new creative hobbies.
Despite this, music still remains an essential element of my life.

Hight school

When I was a child, my dream was to become an architect. When comes the time to decide the school program I chose instead to follow computer technology. I must confess: at that moment the choice to get to college wasn’t in my desires, so I was looking for the possibility to find a job after school.

I start my very first blog in 2003, without knowing that those pages in myspace full of animated glitters and sparks were named blog. I don’t even remember what I was writing about: some song lyrics I loved, some personal experiences, nothing compared to the blogs we are used to reading today.

A life together

2003 is also the years when I met the person who will become the man of my life. We met when we were 16 and now looking back it’s strange to see how much of this path we made together.
In December 2010 we brought our home and got married in September 2012. In the same year, we start playing tabletop wargames and I was able to grow my passion for miniatures again. I passed a LOT of time learning how to paint miniatures and building dioramas. My house was full of miniatures, both mine and my husband’s, so much that there was impossible to paint them all.

In 2014 was born my first child Emma and I decided to put my hobby aside for a while, dedicating all my time to my family. I was happy, but in-dept I felt like something was missing: so again I took out of the closet my miniatures, wondering how to restart my hobby, fix it on the time that I had. Thinking about it, I found that creating the scene was for me the best part of all the process. So I decided to put aside definitely all my figurines starting to look around, trying to find a new starting point.

Looking online, I was attracted by a lot of photos of miniature reproduction of foods and furniture, and it was love at first sight!
The first things I thought was – I must learn how to make that! -, and that was the moment I realized that realistic miniatures would be my new hobby.


The idea of making a blog about it was the next step. I love reading blogs, and I tried for a long time to build my own one, so I think it was the perfect occasion.
Why “A Peaceful Nook”? When I sit down at my desk, with some good music, after a long day of works, I found that working on my miniatures is my little moment of peace, and if I could share all of this with you is even better!

I would like to thank you for being here and reading my story.
If there something you want to tell me, feel free to contact me at sara@apeacefullnook.com.
I love to have some conversation, and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

I hope you have pleasant moments, here at A Peacefull Nook and enjoy your stay :).


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